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IX-Denver is part of IX-West, a Colorado non-profit organization that strives to provide open, neutral, community oriented, and membership driven Internet, IT, and Telecommunication interconnectivity in the greater Rocky Mountain West. Our primary objective is to provide a multitude of interconnection options for all organizations throughout Colorado, and beyond.

IX-Denver was founded in the Denver Gas and Electric building in downtown Denver thanks to 910Telecom. We have since expanded to multiple locations to better serve our members. This is a major step towards a more robust, more reliable, more cost effective, and truly local Internetwork in this region.

Key Facts

Who Benefits from an Interconnection eXchange (IX)?

In June of 2017, at NANOG 70, IX-Denver co-founder and president Chris Grundemann spoke about our humble beginnings, including how and why we started this IX:

We’ve come a long way since then, and continue to grow and mature.

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